Stepping back in time can be quite relaxing, a little bit fancy and oh so delicious!

Well Hullo there fabulous fashionistas, Vintage Mavens and Lindy Charm Gal Pals…  I’m just back to Balmy Gold Coast from Balmy Melbourne and wow… 6 things I am loving right this minute as I arrive home and write to you ….

  1. My Humble Home and Awesome Husband who has changed the sheets!  mmmm New Crisp Clean Cotton Sheets!
  2. Summer in Australia
  3. Our Vintage Community
  4. My Electric Rise and Fall Computer Desk (Christmas Present from Ray)
  5. My Organic/Preservative Free Red Wine
  6. The Bathtub that awaits me……

My first trip interstate to my 2nd home in Melbourne could not have been more perfect…We stepped back in time.   I got to step back in time and Host/Emcee and help put together the most amazing Vintagefab Fashion Parade and Soiree by the Pool at Rippon Lea Estate, if you’ve never been then you must.  Last year I pitched this crazy Idea of opening up the Pool and creating an exclusive experience to enjoy an otherwise “No Go Zone” being heritage listed and all.  The most delightful of friends Miss Vanessa and Miss Tessa from The Vintage Emporium and I put together (Largely from our own wardrobes!) the most gorgeous and colourful of fashion Parades ranging from 1920’s Beach Pajamas to 1960’s its bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis…

Guests received a cocktail on arrival and a mini gourmet hotdog and the of course you can’t have a summer pool party without an indulgent ice-cream by Port Melbourne Paletas !  Divine…  A set list of the most fabulous music was put together by my Dj Husband so the ambience was set from he moment you walked into the grounds.  The Vintage Market place was again a huge hit with handpicked vendors providing the best and most affordable of vintage clothing!   Stalls like Fossil Vintage did a roaring trade with ladies gushing at the bargains and bags full of frocks heading out the door.

Not sure how many of the pictures will show up here as my email program is playing up but below are pictures taken by a variety of people for your enjoyment.

Guest Speaker in Canberra at the Parliamentary Breakfast – 5/6 February

We are humbled, nervous, honoured, nervous and excited at the opportunity (Did I mention Nervous)  to lend our voice and family story to Ovarian Cancer Australia  as Jack (Elisha’s Son, My Son David and I) head to Canberra to meet and greet at Press Club and be Guest Speaker at the Parliamentary Breakfast about the need for more awareness, research and of course, funding into this insidious disease and also into BRCA (The BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations)  Speaking about our family will hopefully lend another human face to the Parliament, there are so many stories out there so taking ours to parliament is a huge honour.  Wish us luck!   February is Ovarian Cancer Month so if you ever wanted to help in some way then why not host an event.. Have a look here at ways you can raise awareness, have fun and raise money all at the same time.  I will leave you with one last thing to ponder:  4 Australian Women are diagnosed each day with OVC and 3 Australian Women Die Each day of OVC.

Want to help more: Thursday 22 February – Teal Ribbon Day (Nationwide)
Wear your Teal Ribbon with pride on Teal Ribbon Day! Teal Ribbons are available at TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacies, Black Pepper, Noel Jones, selected Wynstan stores, Coles Supermarkets and Coles Express stores across QLD or via our online store.

Know the 4 to be sure:
The four key symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

* Abdominal or pelvic pain
* Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating
* The need to urinate often or urgently
* Feeling full after eating only a small amount

This year it is estimated 1,580 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a further 1047 women will die from the disease. With no early detection test, it is essential that women know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, and their family history. To help you with #KnowAskAct, we’ve created an infographic that highlights important information about ovarian cancer.

Pin Up Pool Party at QT Gold Coast Hotel – SATURDAY 24TH OF FEBRUARY 2018 – SAVE THE DATE

After the success of the last two PUPP at QT last year we are again putting this fabulous event on.  Get your Vintage/Pin Up Summer Cozzies ready and save the date.  Everyone welcome and we are calling for any photographers looking to capture the colour/style/glamour of this event to get in contact with me at: with your interest.



Vintage Styling, Pin Curls, Victory Rolls, Hot Sets, Brush Outs and Vintage Undo Workshops coming up:

Brisbane:   Saturday 10th of February – 2 Workshops – $80 Each
10am to 12 Noon – WS1:   Easy Vintage Up Do’s
1pm to 3pm – WS2: Pincurls and Victory Rolls

Book Online HERE

Melbourne: Sunday 4th of March – 2 Workshops – $80- Each

Workshop 1:  10am to 12 Noon – Pincurls, Faux Victory Rolls then the Real Deal.  We all need to know how to do Pincurls, they are actually used for much more than just wetsets…  While you are practicing and getting better at real Victory Rolls you can still create the look and shapes with Faux Bangs and V Rolls – Let me show you how.  This workshop will also cover off on tricks and tips to make your makeup Pop, look perfectly glamorous including Winged Eyeliner and the Perfect Pout..

Workshop 2:  1pm to 3pm – The BEST Vintage Hairstyles come from a great Hot Set and it’s ALL in the Brush Outs so let me show you the best way to achieve that glamorous, feminine Vintage Style that looks authentic.   Join us for:  Hot Sets and Brush Outs including the art of Pinning plus Easy Vintage Up Do’s to get you out in and about in a Retro Jiffy!

Book Online HERE

Redlands Rockabilly Festival (Qld):  Saturday 10th of March – 1 Workshop – $80

Pin Curls, Victory Rolls, Easy Up Dos And Brush Outs and lets not forget the winged eyeliner & perfect pouts!

Join us for our special 3 Hour Redlands Rockabilly Revival Workshop of Quick Easy Vintage & Retro Styling Workshops WITH MISS CHRISSY FROM THE LINDY CHARM SCHOOL to suit all ages and abilities. Fun, refreshing and full of easy learnings..
What we will cover in this workshop:
* Cheat Victory Roll Looks and real Victory Rolls – Hands On
* Easy Vintage Up Do’s for the Hot Summer Days – Hands On
* Hot Sets and Brush Outs – Your Choice to do or watch demonstration – If you are working alongside with a hot set then you must bring a set of hot rollers with you.
* Winged Eyeliner, Perfect Pouts and Strong Eyebrows and Cheeks that Pop!
Book Online HERE
My Husband Ray with our Swing Dance School Performance Team from Swing On In are Performing at the Commonwealth Games and because of this commitment I have not booked Sydney, Adelaide and Canberra Workshops in as yet but will be looking to start travelling to these Cities from May onwards….


I started researching Dermablend to see if could help hide some of my Excema Bruising that is becoming more and more obvious and sticking around a lot more these days and I happened upon this article which I thought worthy of sharing.  In our Vintage/Rockabilly/Pin Up World, we are anything but stereotypical but often get stereo typed whether it is being thought of as harking back to an archaic time or costume dressing or thinking a woman having tattoos means you are from the wrong side of the street….We are all strong, independent women who choose the dress the way we do for our own personal reasons but one thing is for sure we all share the same insecurities at times and thats OK…  It’s kind of comforting that I’m not alone and I love this story of overcoming and now kicking goals and being famous for a decision she made at 15 years of age when trying to hide.

On a side note:  Obviously it is a paid post/story promoting Dermablend and although I am not saying the use of product int his story is far fetched, I think that it would definitely be a WHOLELOTTA work in covering up a whole body and I would ask the question:  How would that feel?  I know in the QLD summer/heat/humidity I reckon I would slide off any chair leaving derma blend foundation in my wake which might not be very becoming… but then again… I have not tried it yet… Have you?

How one woman’s tattoo journey allowed her to overcome bullying and beauty standards.

“I’m able to let people know that they’re not alone and things do get better, and high school — high school isn’t forever.”

Caroline Grace is covered head to toe in tattoos.

They make her stand out, but that wasn’t always her goal, especially as a teenager.



Til next Time,

Stay Charming,

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