The White Mouse! – Veronica Neave as Nancy Wake and I got to Style and Costume for the Camerata!

Well, it was a surreal couple months for me and I want more! Stylist and Costumer for Brisbane Racing, Bleached Arts H.o.t.e.l.l.i.n.g  and then The Story of Nancy Wake, The White Mouse …..

Lets start with the last couple of days!  Spending time with my Sister Veronica Neave is always great BUT spending time with her as her Stylist when she is the lead and playing the One and Only Nancy Wake in the Camerata’s rendition of The White Mouse is.. well.. thats heady to say the least!  Is it weird to fan girl your sister?

Yes Yes.. I was at home in my genre.. 1940’s hair an makeup BUT I was to replicate the infamous Nancy Wake!  Lucky for me, Veronica had the perfect face and hair to pull this off.. Oh.. and yes, I had skills!  🙂

Whilst I thought I was just being Ronnies Stylist, it turns out I was needed for more…  Supplying 9 costumes, and styling the lead singer and soloist were just add ons.  PS:  I do like a little ad on or two!

Seriously though, I do have to honestly say, that this show from the concept, the script writing, the actors chosen and the music to accompany were a perfect blend of perfection.  Standing ovations at both shows left me with tears in my eyes feeling the pride of my family in my heart.  Yes I was a part of this BUT it was Tama Matheson, Veronica Neave and the Camerata of St John that told the most poignant, ballsy, funny and touching story of Nancy Wake!  Australia may not have given this NZ Born hero her due recognition but this show certainly did!.

If I thought I was being sentimental and a little biased about it all, the validation and praise from Nancy Wakes Niece “Meredith”  herself who attended the show was enough to squash any of my doubts!  Meredith told Veronica that she and the script totally brought Nancy to life.  It was true, real, portrayed beautifully and honestly and one that Nancy herself would have given her Nod to..  Can’t ask for more than that really can you!…

Meredith and Ronnie:


Here are some pics I took of the Styling and the Show.  Hope you like.

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