Vintage “In Styling” Night – Exclusive Event – Melbourne

Melbourne:  Enjoy and up close and personal experience with exclusive discounts at our First Vintage “In Styling Night” @ Fossil Vintage with The Lindy Charm School for Girls Mistresses of Style..  This is a Closed event so bookings prior to will need to be made by emailing me.. You will need your name on the door list and a code word to gain entry!

Nina and Jim pride themselves on having the best range of the 1940’s, 50,s 60’s and beyond..  If you’ve seen there stalls at expos and fairs you know they present the biggest and the best … Usually the only way to get your mittens on their stuff is at the fairs and expos BUT, this year due to our great friendship and working relationship we have  negotiated a private event at their warehouse.. (Not many people to see inside this place I can tell you!)  Anyway, you get the best of two worlds in this one event.. Vintage Styling, Amazing Vintage Clothing, Expert “Hands On” advice and bubbles to boot…Lucky Melbourne!!



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