V is for Victory

V Is For ?… “VICTORY”

Sources:  Private collection books, Google Images, BBC Archives


“The BBC launched a “V for Victory” campaign in July 1941. Listeners were asked to demonstrate their support for the Allies by chalking up the letter V wherever and whenever they could. People all over occupied Europe were urged to display the letter V and beat out the V sound in Morse Code (three dots and a dash).

It was soon realised that the three short notes and one long at the start of Beethoven’s Fifth echoed the Morse code for “victory”. The V sound on drums immediately became the call sign of all the BBC’s European services.”

A “V-Mail” was comprised of a single sheet of paper measuring 4-1/4 by 5 inches. During World War II cargo space and weight on ships was at a premium and the hundreds of sacks of mail weighing tons took up too much valuable space. Mail was often held up in favor of supplies. To overcome the demoralizing effect of not getting the mail delivered,the post office came up with a standardized size paper and envelope. Letters were written and then microfilmed. The microfilm was then sent in place of the letter, saving valuable space and still getting letters to our troops and home to soldiers families. The letters were printed on the receiving end and then delivered. V-Mail was sent and received from June 1942 through November 1945.


I simply LOVE this Bobby Pin/Grips packaging:

Vital Materials Used
In your hair
Can be saved
To aid in winning the war
On you we depend to
Return your individual pins for
Your next hairdo

SOS (Saving Own Sanitary) – VICTORY PINS is your duty and responsibility…

Rita Hayworth Lends her support by branding herself for the cause.

Rita V for VictoryPatriotic Wear:  Women started wearing souvenirs from boyfriends serving overseas as badges of honour, although this contravened the rules it became quite popular and this trend started to show up on the latest fashions whether it was fabric print used to make this Canadian dirndl skirt made from American cotton yardage  printed with white V Shapes and the morse code signal for the letter V – dot dot dot dash – both standing for Victory.. or maybe it was buttons or even celluloid brooches emulating a military decoration…  It certainly was most popular around 1942 to 1945…

Here is my V for Victory Outfit – Original Victory Pin acquired recently.  They handed these button pins out by the 000’s to all to encourage the positive mindset…


Beauty on Duty:

American Advert for Tussy “Jeep Red” Lipstick in 1942

American Advertisement for Cutex “ALERT” Red Nail Varnish, 1943

Powered Starch and Beetroot Juice:  Why Worry if Cosmetics become scarce!!

BeetrootV Roll Hairstyles: – The Lindy Charm School for Girls V Roll and Gibson Roll Instruction Card – you can purchase these styling sponges through out website to make these hairstyles easy and simple to achieve.. (Visit our products page)
V Roll Instruction Card
Veronica Lake V RollWhat started out as a WWII propaganda campaign to get women to tie back their hair and dig in and work for the war effort became a staple and highly fashionable hairstyle through the 1940’s and beyond.  The Victory Roll was not only an aircraft manoeuvre communicating that a kill had been made, it was also a mark of respect and worn as a badge of honour if you like to support the troupes fighting overseas….  Veronica Lake was the poster girl for the news reels showing how easy it was to roll back in the shape of a V…Today, this and other similar hairstyles of the 1940’s are still very popular and are still iconic.  Many ladies attend our workshops around Australia and overseas learning the easy tips and tricks to achieve these hairstyles for everyday wear.  we teach you the original methods our foremothers used and then show you using modern day methods as well.  (Visit our Workshops Page to see when we will be in your town) .


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