Janice Eames, Adelaide

Hi Miss Chrissy,
Thank you for the time you (and the other ladies) spent with us on Saturday at the styling workshop in Adelaide. I really enjoyed it and made a new friend, too! I also appreciated that you took the extra time to make sure we left feeling beautiful! I must admit that I felt very special and eye-catching as I left the hotel in the afternoon!

I am a member of the South Australian Aviation Museum, so I popped in there afterwards, to see what the older men would think of me! I think they were impressed and I felt great! I really wanted some photos with the vintage aeroplanes and one of the members happened to have his good camera there, so he took some great shots for me. I thought you might like to see a couple of them. Thank you so much for doing my hair so beautifully.

I went to see my 87 yo mum afterwards an she didn’t recognise me at first! The next day she was looking at old photos, and thought how much I looked like her when she was young whilst I was done up like that. I also visited my boyfriend’s mum (she’s about 84) and she said I brought back memories.

Thank you once again.

Janice Eames.

PS: By the way, I painted the pin-up on the side of the Spitfire in one of the photos. She’s the 1943 Vargas August girl. I’ve since designed a couple of my own.

Janice, SA