A Lindy Charm School workshop is for you. If you do vintage style, and even more so, if you don’t.

Let’s talk about why her workshops are for you, when you DON’T do vintage.  With Chrissy’s depth of knowledge that comes from decades of beauty, comes a wisdom of what products are supposed to do, and what actually does the job.  With this knowledge you can cut through a lot of the noise in advertising modern day lotions and potions and stop wasting time and money on things that will never work.  For me personally, past investments in  ‘miraculous’ modern products only ended up delivering disappointment, and fed my despondency in bothering with a beauty routine.  I had started to find the light before I met Chrissy, and doing her workshop has fast-tracked this process.  I am loving living with a touch of glamour every day and look forward to getting proficient with pin curls and gorgeous hairstyles. The obvious reason why Chrissy’s workshops are for you, if you do vintage style, is her depth of knowledge and her simplicity in achieving the styles.  Chrissy will teach you the quickest way to achieve a genuine vintage look, and it’s a lot easier than you ever imagined.  If you are aiming for a particular era in your look, she will give you the tools and knowledge to hone right into the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. So who are these workshops for? Every Woman.  Just go do it. xo

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