Before RSVP was an Online Dating Site it had another meaning…

 It is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît meaning “Please respond”.


Have We Lost Our Manners –  An Opinion from Alexandria Utting – Gold Coast Bulletin

Etiquette expert, The Lindy Charm School for Girls headmistress Chrissy Keepence says responding to an invitation and sticking to it shows “respect” for yourself and the person who has taken the time to invite you.

She says even though social media has “watered down” birthday party, baby shower and even wedding invites, it doesn’t make not following through on a commitment to attend any less rude.

“Social media is so quick and fast and then it’s gone. Nothing lingers in your mind, in your heart and thoughts anymore,” she says.

“Whatever the medium, the underlying thing is it’s good manners to respond … It’s really rude to not turn up when you’ve said you will. If you’re letting them know five minutes before or three days before you can’t go, at least they’re not left wondering.”


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