It’s Not about Weight!… It’s about SHAPE.. Want to lose 2 inches in a Jiffy?

The Lindy Charm School for Girls have been using and selling these waist cinches for a very long time now and there are 00’s of shapely gals getting out their wearing our waist cinches for many many reasons including:

  • Posture Support;
  • Take the stress off the seams of your favorite vintage frocks;
  • Takes inches off the waist (Average 1.5 to 3)
  • Helps you to carry that outfit not just wear it;
  • Creates that Va Va Voom shapely figure;
  • Finds the waist that a lot of us have lost;
  • Accentuates your best assets;
  • Flattens the tummy;
  • And much more…

… so we thought it timely to share our secret with you and offer online at our webshop…

We are in to functional foundation/underwear not so much the pretty boned and laced outerwear so these are plain and functional.

This is mine:  I lose a good 3 INCHES off mine and it gives me the waist I like to fit into my 1950’s wiggle dresses.

Gals of all sizes and Shapes are learning to use and embrace their bodies.. Here is a nice little testimonial received today in fact…

Jo Says..  My Sister loves her Cinch & is wearing it instead of her baby belly band. It’s just as firm but lighter & cooler!. 

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So why do I think they are the best?, Well, I have tried a few, well.. actually… A LOT…  and was never really satisfied with the level of shape it said it would create.  I found most stuff our there now is more Smoothing wear and not so much shape wear – Great for smoothing out the lines and texture but not hold it all in and lets face it ladies, there is something to be said about feeling suitable tucked in!    Again, I reiterate, it doesn’t matter if your are size 8 or 18, its about using what you have a creating a shape with it ie:  Get ourselves a waist!  🙂

Here’s what’s in them:

Shapette Powernet fabric made of 80% nylon, 20% Invista® Lycra® is constructed with two way stretch.

  • Exclusive power circle inner contour bands for shaping waist, hips, back and derrière.
  • Flat sewn seams and panelling all around for garment comfort.
  • High waisted.
  • One way stretch satin panel for added comfort and support.
  • 12″ front hook and eye opening.

Here’s how to check which size is right for you:

  1. Tip yourself over like a teapot.. Put you finger in the middle crease and that’s how you find your true waist;
  2. Measure (IN INCHES) what that waist is;
  3. Order the size 2 inches under eg:  If you are 40 inch then order 38 inch if you are 30 inch then order 28 inch and so on.  You will get about 1.5-2 inches out of this but if you want more OR you have lots of squishy bits on the sides and you want more of a result then you may be able to go under again.  NB: Cinches are only in even numbered sizes eg:  30, 32, 34 etc etc…  Up to 40.

How to wear:  It’s the first thing I put on then I put on my slip then my frock..  Contrary to what you may think, they are lightweight, breathable and cool.  Wearing a slip over the cinch yet under the frock is also the best way to avoid seeing lines and it the best way to avoid clinging of your frocks, especially modern day frocks where the materials are not as good as the original.  A slip is aptly named for the job it does!

NB:  I am only stocking WHITE at this stage…


  1. Hi Chrissy

    I would love to purchase a the cinch waist girdles. Where exactly do you get them from.

    Thanking you


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