Hollywood Glamour Makeovers from Melbourne

Beauty—be not caused—It Is— Chase it, and it ceases— Chase it not, and it abides— Overtake the Creases In the Meadow—when the Wind Runs his fingers thro' it— Deity will see to it That You never do it— Emily Dickinson … [Read more...]

Transformation from Canberra

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Audrey Hepburn … [Read more...]

Sydney Delights – Our Most recent Vintage Makeovers and Pin Up Shoot

One of the most favourite parts of what I do is the transformations, the makeovers and the photoshoots, here's a look at the most recent makeovers I have done.  All MUAH and styling by me and Pics by Brooke Orchard Photography. These lovely ladies came from every direction of Sydney, they also came from different lifestyles, careers, circumstances with one common thread... they wanted to do … [Read more...]

It was A Hat Affair! a Mini Photoshoot Day at Belle Follie

Brooke and I love working on Location with all its challenges and delights...  Recently we had the pleasure of working at the Belle Follie Design Studios in Brisbane and Miss Wendy Louise creates spectacular hats and head pieces.  When in a place like this, you have to take advantage and style using these pics of art..  Here are some of the girls before and afters for your purveying pleasure.  All … [Read more...]

Overnewton Castle in Melbourne did not disappoint! The Wind could not stop us!

Ever been to Overnewton Castle in Keilor, Melbourne, Victoria?  Well, what a treat.  Brooke Orchard and I got to stay for two days in this lovely castle which was also the setting for our recent Vintage Styling Makeover and Photoshoot. Overnewton castle was built in 1849 by William Taylor. The Scotsman bought 13,000 acres of rich grazing land just west of the Keilor township. Taylor … [Read more...]

Making Moments into Memories… Our Latest Vintage Styling Makeovers and Photoshoots

We had the pleasure of shooting in the delightfully fresh and swanky Maison Burlesque Studio recently in Melbourne and these gorgeous, strong, funny and Amazing women came to play.  They trusted me with their Hair and Makeup and Styling Choices and then let go their inhibitions and trusted the gentle guiding hands and lens of Brooke Orchard.  Brooke and I love these days and it's the gift that … [Read more...]

Seaside shanty – Williamstown and 6 makeovers. What a way to start 2016!

Brooke and I headed into 2016 with new life, new changes and a heart full of gratitude for what we are able to do as our full time passions.  We started in a little shanty town called Williamstown in Victoria this summer and here are our first 6 lovely ladies who spent the day with us, getting styled, positioned and captured by Brooke's lens.  I LOVE seeing the transformations, I never tire of it. … [Read more...]

Vintage Makeovers and Photoshoots – MUAH By Miss Chrissy Keepence and Photos by Brooke Orchard

  … [Read more...]

Vintage Makeovers and Pin Up Photos – QT Hotel Gold Coast April 2015

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Before and Afters – Our Last Couple of Vintage Makeover and Pin Up Photosessions

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