Cancer?, what Cancer? Not today Josephine!! I’m getting a Makeover!

How apt that this should be my morning FB memory. The beautiful Lady,  Pauline Sinclair came to me, The Lindy Charm School this day just after having another round of chemo, not feeling fab and with no hair she wasn’t sure if a photoshoot with Brooke Orchard Photography would be just throwing money away. A nice wig, killer hat and frock from Susanne Kelly, timeless glamorous makeup and here she is.. BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) Pauline loved her look and said it made her day. NB: She is well and happy now post treatment. 

Cancer can be ravishing on the body, mind and soul and it’s times like these you need extra pamper. The Lindy Charm School along with Miss Ruby MunnMadonna Williams & Paige Adele Langley will be running a FREE pamper day for women with cancer as part of the Ovarian Cancer Australia Awareness month of February. If you know of anyone that might like to join us in Labrador on Friday 24th of February then get them to email me: [email protected]

Before I go.. Just a reminder to know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer – The silent killer that took my Sister Elisha Neave has symptoms that we all feel regularly as women but they key is to note if they are PERSISTENT (over 1-2 weeks continuous) – Thats when to get checked out and insist of being check specifically to rule out OVC first then you can rule that out and move on..

* Persistant Abdominal Bloating and Pain
* Frequent need to urinate
* Feeling Full after a small amount of food
* Constipation
* Lower Back Pain

Til then,

Stay Fabulous

Miss Chrissy xx

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