VENUE: Camp Hill Antique Centre & TART Cafe,

COST: $100 pp


2.5 hours of intense Vintage Hairstyling
30 mins of  Vintage Glamour Makeup tips (Winged eyeliner, Lip Shapes, Cheeks and Eyebrows!)

Join Miss Chrissy & Her Mistresses of Style as she teaches you the art of Vintage Styling for both Hair and Makeup. Looking for that Old Hollywood Timeless beauty regime?  Want to bring out your inner Pin Up?  These workshops are fun, informative and are much more than lipstick powder and paint.  Journey with us as we create that perfect Barrel Set, Victory Roll or Pin Curl.  Whilst your “Do” sets let’s look at our posture, rediscover our poise and nail that perfect pose! To finish it off we will share with you the secrets of the right tools for the right job and how you can have a flawless timeless makeup look in under 15 minutes!  No need to head out “Undone” anymore Ladies, get “Stop Staring” ready in a flash with us!

Things to bring with you (If you have but don’t stress as we sell most of the stuff anyway)

  • Your own make up – Don’t stress if you do not possess much bring what you have and we sell the Perfect simple yet striking Essential range so bring spending money and get the lot yourself including your new foundation!  (Does not include Mascara)
  • Brush (We sell the best boar bristle round brush)
  • Comb (We Sell our LCS Essential Comb)
  • Bobby pins (We also sell the best Sturdy Grips)
  • Stand Up Makeup Mirror
  • Hairspray

NB: Hair is easier to work with if it is not FRESHLY washed…  Please ensure you have not put any oils in your hair such as coconut oil, argan oil or Moroccan oil for example as they coat your hair and are a styling nightmare to work with…

  • Styling tools such as hot rollers, foam rollers, curling irons are optional as we instruct you on styles with and without the use of any tools. (Hot Styling tools are used only in the afternoon class)We accept Cash, Paypal or chip CC/DR Card with pin for payment of anything below you'd like to purchase on the day.

The LCS Essential Perfect Pout Lipstick & Liner Set – $40
The Essential Basic Hair Kit – $35
The LCS Essential Makeup Kit – $100
The Essential Flawless Foundation – $55
The Essential Skunk Brush – Airbrushing Finishing – $24
The Essential Brush Starter Kit (Professional Brushes) – $65
The Essential Blotting Powder – Our Primer and Finishing Powder – $35
The Essential Pin Curl saver Bed Cap – $15
Waist Cinches – $85
Gibson Roll – $10
Do Rags – $10
Essential Setting Lotion – $22
Dolly Pegs – $5
Pin Curl Clips – $10
Seamed Nude Fishnets – $22
Our Essential Rat Tail Comb - $4
Wet Brush - $22
Boar Bristle Roll Brush - $20
Nylon Scarves - $12
Retro Tin full of Bobbi Pins of your colour - $15
The Essential Hair Starter Kit - $35


$100.00 (Incl. GST 10%)