Can you spare me 5 mins? it’s kind of a big deal..

Hey there Charm School Kittens! If you're reading this, you're on a digital device (I know, mind reader). And we'd really love if you could do us one tiny favour. Actually, it's a pretty massive favour. And it's kind of a big deal. But it will only take you a minute or two. We'd love it if you could write us a Google review! All you need to do is go HERE and click 'write review' on … [Read more...]

Melbourne – Classic Vintage Styling Workshops – Sunday 8th of July

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Autumn Hats and Royal Wedding Tiara’s .. The Lindy Charm School Newsletter..

In this Newsletter: Betty Grable The Royal Wedding VINTAGE STYLING WORKSHOPS AROUND AUSTRALIA (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast) A Garden Picnic at Old Government House  – MARION BOYCE COLLECTION – BRISBANE The Hatmaker quarterly (1947) She's an Eagle When She Flies   It's no secret in my family that I'm a huge Betty Grable fan and I love that I'm always … [Read more...]

Poise, Purpose, Posture, Primping and Preening… It’s all in here and It’s all OK!

Poise is composure and dignity of manner.  It is a graceful and elegant bearing in a person... Hello Lovelies.... It's been a wee while since writing a letter to you all... With dancing at the Commonwealth Games, Workshops, Mother and Daughter Days, Young Ladies Charm School, Hens parties, Weddings, BFF Charity Pamper Days and all the fabulous things in between,  I find I am sitting at the … [Read more...]

Sydney Vintage Styling Workshop – Saturday 28th July 2018

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Sydney Vintage Styling Workshops – SUNDAY 29th July 2018

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It’s a Garden Party and you are all invited!

The Jazz Age Lawn Picnic held previously as part of the Miss Fisher Exhibition was such a hit we are doing it again! I will have my Pop Up Salon open for free vintage hair styling for all.. Maybe you might like to discuss your wedding hair option or maybe the kids just want to play fancy for a day.. No appointment needed, just roll up... DJ SwingA Billy Ray will be spinning tunes from the … [Read more...]

Develop your Poise and feel like a Princess

Poise: the ability to be ill at ease inconspicuously. Earl Wilson Not everyone was born with poise, but anyone can learn it. With the right mentor and enough dedication, even the most awkward of us can change. What exactly is poise? It is a way of communicating to the world that you’re a lady of class and elegance. This form of nonverbal communication says a lot about you, as it projects … [Read more...]

Are you the Next Miss CRO or Miss Rockabilly 2018? Entries Open – Stella Prizes…

Have you ever entered a Pin Up Pageant, a Beauty Quest or a Contest where you got to embrace who you are, celebrate your individuality, showcase the Vintage or Retro Glamour of your world?  If yes, how did that feel?  If No, are you ready to Shine?   There are so many wonderful positives with entering a contest like Miss CRO and Miss Rockabilly but none more than the bonds you forge with other … [Read more...]

For the Love of Hand Made! How Beautiful a Creation…

Today I was tapping away on my computer catching up with all things Charming when I get a knock at the door and a box handed to me... In this fast paced world we live in now where almost everything is delivered via social media or other forms of electronic sending, to get a hand written letter or card or gift in your letter box or to your door is such a thrill...and can I tell you.. Right Now.. I … [Read more...]

On the road again…After the Commonwealth Games we are off to Canberra and Melbourne and wrap up of Art Deco..

Hello Ladies, I can hardly believe it is now the end of March!  How have you all been?  I don't like it one bit when life goes by so fast, I want the days to be longer!  Is that just me?  Seems like I am getting older faster these days! I know for one thing.. I miss having the discipline & time to sit, read, research and write articles for my website instead I seem to focus a … [Read more...]

The Essential Brush Starter Kit… It’s all I use… Keep it simple, yet have quality!

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The “HOW TO” series of Vintage Hair Styling with Miss Chrissy – Melbourne & Redlands Rockabilly Revival Cleveland

Only a Few Places Left:   Melbourne: Sunday 4th of March - 2 Workshops - $80- Each Workshop 1:  10am to 12 Noon - Pincurls, Faux Victory Rolls then the Real Deal.  We all need to know how to do Pincurls, they are actually used for much more than just wetsets...  While you are practicing and getting better at real Victory Rolls you can still create the look and shapes with Faux … [Read more...]

Stepping back in time can be quite relaxing, a little bit fancy and oh so delicious!

Well Hullo there fabulous fashionistas, Vintage Mavens and Lindy Charm Gal Pals...  I'm just back to Balmy Gold Coast from Balmy Melbourne and wow... 6 things I am loving right this minute as I arrive home and write to you .... My Humble Home and Awesome Husband who has changed the sheets!  mmmm New Crisp Clean Cotton Sheets! Summer in Australia Our Vintage Community My Electric Rise … [Read more...]

Nude Fishnet with Contrasting Back Seam “Pantyhose”

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Wonder Woman Brooch – “Great girdle of Aphrodite!” “Am I tired of being tied up!”

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Taking Joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic… Rosalind Russell – 2018 will be all about Joy!

Merry New Year Ladies, Any resolutions made?  What were they?  No?  Well why not take this little mantra with you as you dive glamorous into 2018 with Style and Panache! “Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness.” James Thurber Whats'coming up?  I am starting to fill this years calendar with awesome things and continuing with my 2017 "Say YES to everything and … [Read more...]

Betty Bang Fringe in a Jiffy! Now with instructions!

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