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We recently held our 2nd Free Pamper Day for Women with living with Cancer.  18 women came and allowed themselves to be pampered.  These women are so strong, never complain and always putting everyone else first, even at their sickest , they are Mums, Wives, Friends, Daughters or Employees etc first,  so it was such a so special and such a privilege to be able to pamper them for just a few hours.   Seeing the Joy on their faces and Hearing some of the comments from the ladies was inspiring.  This day is organic, not structure, rather we start with an awesome Chakra Balance front he most amazing women Madonna William from Zen Soul Life.  We have pamper stations dotted around the place such as massage, Mani & Pedi Station, Hand Treatments, Makeup Station and Hair Station.  Everyone gets a goodie bag and lots of eat treats…This time we had 60 minutes come and film part of the day so we are hoping the exposure will help this fledgling Charity so we can then offer more of these ground roots services to women who need it most.  I will be busy over the next few weeks getting a FB page up and facility to take tax deductible donations.  So very proud of our new Charity which is now Not For Profit.  The Brainchild of my Sister Elisha who passed away before being able to start, My sister Ronnie and I have the honour getting it going.  Eventually I hope  to be able to offer these pamper days in every state that I visit on Charm School Business.Some Feedback overheard on the day from the ladies:*  It’s so wonderful just to be able to sit and talk to others in the same boat without feeling the guilt of burdening family

*  It’s like a big ole fashion girly day at the salon where you get to just relax and chat whilst being pampered
*  I didn’t realise how important it was to pamper yourself until today
*  I felt so alone on this journey but now I have met so many other beautiful women here and don’t feel so alone

To us:  The above is all worth it, just like you are Ladies.

Thanks to the following people who make this possible:
Our Sponsor – Cr Kristyn Boulton – Division 4 – Gold Coast City Council
Madonna – Zen Soul Life – Chakra Balance
Tahlia Shontelle – Gremlin Obsession – Photos
Paige Adele Nail & Beauty – Pamper Staff
Tina – Louise – Pamper Staff
Macarena – Massage Pamper Staff
Matt Keys – Sponsor
Jacks Daughter – Sponsor
Miss Lady A Broad – Wonder Woman Brooches – Sponsor
Lady Marlene – Burlesque Class/Fun
Latona’s Makeup – Sponsor


If you would like to sponsor our next Pamper day by way of inclusion into Goodie Bag, offer a service or maybe you would like to be a monetary sponsor, please feel free to email me or call me direct on M: 0409 727 888 Email:


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