Beauties Feeling Fabulous – Free Pamper Days for Women living with Cancer – 2018

Hey there, Just a quick update to let you know where we are at!!  Since starting Beauties Feeling Fabulous (BFF) it has been a whirlwind of excitement, challenges, emotions, fear, overwhelming feelings and feelings of joy.. Mostly Joy!  …. Wondering if I had the goods to keep delivering this service was a question that weighed heavy on my mind but then I listened to Mum’s words and she said break it down and take one step at a time and give from the heart and it will just happen…  and it did!   Friends and Colleagues came forward and offered their services, Cr Kristyn Boulton offers funding and stuff just happens and we get to do this..  It started though with one bloke that said I will kick start you because I believe in you and that was Matt Keys from Habitat Environmental Management…  Matt was responsible for one of my Mums last joys in life before she passed by taking her and welcoming her into a Drumming Circle in Burleigh! For no other reason but he’s a good guy and made her day/night/year!  We want to make women with cancer feel special, worthy, fabulous and pampered just because!  No other reason..  Every 3 months at this stage but more often as we grow I’m sure.

**Remember the dates and pass it on to your networks and share around:  here’s the details:

A FREE Pamper Day for all cancer warrior women on their journey that might need a little TLC for their hair, face and skin. This is a nourishing day but also a day where we can share some of our tips and tricks such as fabulous Hand and Nail manis/pedis and hand treatments, some Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup tips including our much needed eyebrows! Mini Massage, Chakra Balance, plus lots more..

Dates for Gold Coast at the Labrador Community Centre are:
9th February 2018
4th May 2018
10th August 2018
16th November 2018

“Beauties Feeling Fabulous” was the brainchild (and wish) of my sister Elisha Neave but sadly she did not get to see it come to life. She passed away at 34 YO with Ovarian Cancer 1 year after my Dad Passed and 1 year before My Mum Passed.  Now 3 years after her passing I have been honoured with the task of raising awareness as one of the Community Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia. I am a BRCA II positive Gal and also a Cancer Survivor myself so I come from a place of love, commitment, a little experience, understanding, empathy and support of you. With the Support of Cr Kristyn Boulton from Division 4 and the City of Gold Coast plus my family, my sister Veronica and many friends in the industry we will bring all the fabulous pampering to the table and spoil you all, so come along and enjoy this day, I know first hand what a day like this can do to make a moment in time just that little bit fabulous!. Email to register: or call me if you need: 0409727888

FAQ: Do I need to have a certain Cancer to qualify for this Pamper day? ANSWER: NO… Anyone women living with Cancer is welcome. Cancer does not discriminate and more do we.



Sponsors & Supporters of these events who offer their time, product, knowledge and love for no other reason but they want to make life easier for our SE Qld Women who are living with a Cancer Diagnosis! They are just awesome folk! THANK YOU!

Councillor Kristyn Boulton of Division 4, Gold Coast City Council – Our Venue/Support and Funding

Lee Fran Beauty Imports Pty Ltd: Your Gift Packs:

Look For Beauty: Your Gift Packs:

Matt Keys from Habitat Environmental Management: – Our Uniforms/Donation

Jenni from Jacks Daughter: Our Uniforms

Lady Malenes: FUN:

Paige Adele: Manicures/Pedicures

Madonna Williams: Zen Soul Life: – Chakra Balancing

Lady A Broad: Our Wonder Woman Brooches:

Macarena Fuentes Garrido: Massage :

Nicole Eade Brown – Ovarie Care Support Packs:

Tahlia Shontelle – Gremlin Obsession Photography:


Before I go.. Just a reminder to know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer – The silent killer that took my Sister Elisha Neave has symptoms that we all feel regularly as women but they key is to note if they are PERSISTENT (over 1-2 weeks continuous) – Thats when to get checked out and insist of being check specifically to rule out OVC first then you can rule that out and move on..

* Persistant Abdominal Bloating and Pain
* Frequent need to urinate
* Feeling Full after a small amount of food
* Constipation
* Lower Back Pain


xx Chrissy


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