Beauties Feeling Fabulous – A FREE Pamper Day for Women living with or going through treatment for Cancer


FRIDAY 25TH OF AUGUST 12 NOON TO 4PM,  LABRADOR COMMUNITY HUB, 57 Billington St, Labrador Qld 4215

A Free pamper day for all cancer warrior women on their journey that might need a little TLC for their hair, face, skin, minds & souls.   This is a nourishing day but also a day where we can share some of our tips and tricks such as fabulous Turban Tying, Making your own natural moisturises and some Old Hollywood Glamour Makeup tips, Mini Massage, Chakra Balance, Mini Mani & Pedi’s, plus lots more..  This is also a day to bed around other wonderful women who understand where you are at.  A day for you to indulge, rest, relax and enjoy…

This day is for all women on a journey with cancer… no matter what stage, what sort or whatever, you are welcome…

“Beauties Feeling Fabulous” was the brainchild (and wish) of my sister Elisha Neave but sadly she did not get to see it come to life. Now 2 years after her passing I have been honoured with the task of raising awareness as one of the Community Ambassador for Ovarian Cancer Australia. With the Support of Cr Kristyn Boulton from Division 4 and the City of Gold Coast plus many friends in the industry we will bring all the fabulous pampering to the table and spoil you all, so come along and enjoy this day, I know first hand what a day like this can do to make a moment in time just that little bit fabulous!.

Email to register: or call me if you need: 0409727888

Before I go.. Just a reminder to know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer – The silent killer that took my Sister Elisha Neave has symptoms that we all feel regularly as women but they key is to note if they are PERSISTENT (over 1-2 weeks continuous) – Thats when to get checked out and insist of being check specifically to rule out OVC first then you can rule that out and move on..

* Persistant Abdominal Bloating and Pain
* Frequent need to urinate
* Feeling Full after a small amount of food
* Constipation
* Lower Back Pain

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Here’s a couple of pics of the last pamper day which was special to say the least.

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