Afternoon Tea with a Sip of Manners anyone? – Listen to First Bite experience the Charm School Mistresses








A fabulous interview with Radio National’s First Bite Program…….

High tea with manners: a lesson in etiquette – Listen to interview here:

We enter an historic hotel where afternoon tea has been served everyday since the 1880s to receive a crash course in etiquette, deportment and manners.

There’s an old saying that ‘manners maketh the man’ and RN First Bite’s Michael Mackenzie was certainly taken to task over some of his behaviour when he took High Tea at the historic Windsor Hotel with his ‘dates’ Miss Chrissie and Miss Rachel.

Miss Chrissie has run a ‘charm school’ for girls aged 20-60 teaching deportment and etiquette for the last six years, and she combines that with the finer points of taking high tea in a special series of workshops in Melbourne.

Here’s a list of tips to share among your peers when eating and talking with that special someone:

Do respond to an invitation promptly and advise of any special dietary requirements
Do be suitably and smartly attired
Do take a small, thoughtful gift if dining at someone’s house
Do switch all phones off before you arrive Do be punctual — up to 10 mins late is acceptable
Do look into the eyes of your dining companions and engage enthusiastically in polite conversation
Do try something different and allow your palette to be adventurous
Do take care whilst eating and drinking to avoid embarrassing spillage
Do find something complimentary to say Do remember your all important thank you note
Do not arrive starving — have a glass of water if necessary, the growling of a hungry tummy is not appropriate background music
Do not slump or swagger and remember good posture is an aid to self confidence
Do not extend your little finger when holding a cup
Do not slurp or eat noisily
Do not gesture with your cutlery nor clink it against your crockery or teeth
Do not gobble your food, but savour it and remember the time and effort that has gone into its preparation
Do not eat with your mouth open nor talk with your mouth full Do not stretch across the table, pick your teeth or lick your fingers
Do not place elbows on the table — remember all joints on the table will be carved!
Do not monopolise the conversation nor sit in silence, but try to contribute in equal measure

You too can experience our Afternoon Tea with A sip of Manners coming up very soon at Queenies Tea House in Brisbane:

THIS SUNDAY – Afternoon Tea with A Sip of Manners – Brisbane @ Queenies Traditional Tea House

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