About Us

Every girl deserves to look and feel glamorous, regardless of age, shape or dress size. Yet in this modern era of poorly tailored, throw-away fashion and fickle hair and make-up trends, women are finding it harder than ever to hit upon a look that complements, rather than conceals their inherent beauty.

Fortunately, Headmistress Chrissy and the Lindy Charm School For Girls is sashaying to the rescue!

Come with us on a journey back to a more glamorous time… A time when curves were celebrated, femininity embraced and quality reigned supreme over quantity. Learn the fine art of vintage styling and etiquette and we promise you’ll be ready to take on the world, feeling more beautiful and glamorous than you ever have before.

Discover how to feel independently glamorous and individually chic

Armed with all the tools, tips and vintage tricks you need to reinvigorate your personal style, Chrissy and her team will teach you step-by-step how to easily re-create glamorous vintage hair and make-up styles, and carry the chic tailoring of yesteryear with poise. Learn from the experts how to flatter your best assets and unique beauty, through the timeless elegance of vintage styling.

“Mistress Chrissy and her glamorous team have a deep knowledge of vintage style and history.”

Read A Workshop Review By Tara Moss, Model, Presenter, Author and Student of The Lindy Charm School For Girls

About Headmistress Chrissy

Headmistress Chrissy is an aficionado of early 20th century style, whose long-time love-affair with all things vintage began with swing dancing. As a teacher, Chrissy studied and skilfully recreated the era’s look purely for her own pleasure, but before long, her students were begging her to teach them her styling secrets. Word of these mini styling workshops spread and before long the Lindy Charm School For Girls was born!

 What you’ll learn at the Lindy Charm School For Girls

Since its inception 15 years ago, the Lindy Charm School has gained a loyal and avid following of vintage fashionistas, as well as those who are new to the style. It has built a strong reputation for transformative, fun workshops where woman of all ages, shapes and technical ability, can learn how to quickly whip up stunning vintage hair-dos, flatter their figure with bullet bras, girdles and garters, and finish the look with red lipstick, seamed nylons, sky-high heels and a signature sashay.  Read a workshop review by a high profile student.

Mistress Chrissy is renowned as one of Australia’s foremost vintage stylists and her hair, make-up and styling skills are highly sought for weddings, hens parties and special events across Australia, New Zealand and the US. Being based on Queensland’s gloriously glamorous Gold Coast, Mistress Chrissy also offers a number of exclusive, one-on-one consultations from her home studio. Contact us for more information.

The Lindy Charm School Mission

“Our mission is to empower you – regardless of shape or size – to bring out your inner beauty and give you the confidence to be yourself. The workshops are about more than just lipstick and powder – they provide a unique, fun and supportive setting where our students’ self esteem soars and they feel validated. Finally they are able to recognise and embrace their natural beauty.

I want to help every woman in the world feel confident and individually glamorous – one pin curl at a time!” – Headmistress Chrissy